Privacy & Policy

Elegant Testing Agency(ETA) has own Privacy and Policy about Conducting Examinations, Papers checking, Results preparation, Queries after results, Merit lists, and Submission of merit lists to concern department of project.

  1. Conducting Examinations:
  2. ETA is committed to maintain the highest standards of academic integrity in the examination process, in accordance with the standards and principles established in the ETA Policy on Academic Honesty and Academic Accommodation for Students with Disabilities, Date & time and the Scheduling of Examinations.

  3. Papers checking:
  4. Results Preparation:
  5. ETA has a secrecy branch in the premises of its Head Office. The secrecy branch only opens with the thumb impression of the Director (Examination). No outsider is allowed to enter the said branch.

  6. Queries after Results:
  7. After Results candidates can apply for queries and check his/her Answer Sheet personally or in the presence of Guardians.

  8. Merit Lists:
  9. After Completion of Queries, Testing Agency prepare merit list with in 07 to 10 days. Merit Lists then share with concern department of Project through email

  10. Submision of Merit Lists to client